Free Google Suggestion Keyword Tool

Find and generate hundreds of keywords for any topic or keyword!

What are Google keyword Planner?

Google keyword planner is a tool that let's you find related keywords, this helps users and adveritsers find niche and less competive keywords to bid on. Unfortualty Google made the planner only available to users who are paying for advertising, which is why we built Yumpik Google Keyword Tool.

Find google keyword volume?

Google search volume is the number of monthly searches for that keyword. Search volume is a great metrics when you are searching a new niche or competitor.

Google search keyword cpc?

Google search CPC is cost per link for that keyword. This is how much advertisers are currently paying for each click.

Top Google Keyword Planner Alternatives?

Even if you have access to Googles keyword planner, you might still want to use some of these alternatives.

1. Google Trends

Google trends is a tool that analyzes the popularity of keywords, which is useful to see keywords popularity over a given time period.

2. Google autosuggest

Google autocomplete is a core feature of Google search that suggests related keywords based on the users keyword. Google uses a mixure of trends and Machine learning to some the more relevant keywords.

3. Yumpik Google Keyword Tool

We have made of the best free Google keyword planner alternatives tool which offers a simple user interface and fast results. Simply enter your main keyword and our tool uses a mixure of Google autocomplete and some code magic to supple you with hundreds of results.

How does Google Keywords tool work?

Yumpik Google Keyword tool is a free tool that uses Google's autocomplete feature to generate hundreds of relevant long-tail keywords or any topic.

The tool generates long-tail keywords by using your topic keyword and appending letters and numbers to then search Googles autocomplete suggestions.

To use the Google keyword, simple add your topic keyword in the search box and click "Generate". Our tool will generate a list of related keywords for you to choose from.