Trending Twitter Hashtags

A list of the latest hashtags currently trending on Twitter

tag tweets retweets exposure
#newprofilepic 4771 1671 25,9M
#8yearswithexo 4658 13500 2,8M
#nowplaying 4575 363 22,7M
#exo 4504 26046 73,0M
#ps4share 4225 1087 1,2M
#sb19 3746 4346 3,2M
#hbdakhilakkineni 3542 5291 359,6K
#midnight 3500 5225 5,8M
#stayhome 3425 5179 113,5M
#worldhealthday 3092 7912 161,4M
#hbdakiranandan 3033 35513 3,3M
#shindanmaker 2592 387 1,3M
#sb19is8inbbs50 2517 1671 5,9M
#happyjonghyunday 2458 11625 1,5M
#quedateencasa 2371 1904 50,2M
#covid 2321 2312 58,9M
#survivor2020 2225 1063 2,3M
#stayathome 2204 2488 69,2M
#shopmycloset 2092 4 1,9M
#thepromisedsaviour 2025 1767 739,2K

What are Hashtags?

"A hashtag is a type of metadata tag used on social networks such as Twitter and other microblogging services, allowing users to apply dynamic, user-generated tagging which makes it possible for others to easily find messages with a specific theme or content." - Wikipedia

How does Trending Hashtags work?

A Twitter Hashtag becomes trending when alot of users are tweeting using that particular Hashtags. A Hashtags usually doesnt trend for longer than 24 hours, but have been known to trend for over a week depending on the popularity.

Trending Hashtags change alot, so we have made a list that shows the current trending hashtags with all the important metrics such as exposure etc.

Seekmetrics Trending Twitter Hashtags gets updated once every hour.

What is Twitter Hashtag Retweets?

A retweet is a term used when a user "Retweets" onother user's Tweet, you can think of this like reposting a article you find. Trending Hashtags Retweets is calculated by adding up the Twitter Tweet Retweets together.

What is Twitter Hashtag Exposure?

Twitter Hashtag exposure is calculated by adding up the user's followers. Exposure is potential views of the tweet.